What is wise telecom?

Wise Telecom phone shop is specially designed for mobile repair services in Strijen that keeps in mind the needs and requirements of the customers in order to facilitate them in the best possible way. Wise Telecom is a one-stop solution to all the issues related to mobile phone services.
We have proven experience of reliability and provide rapid and fast service to our valuable clients. From the beginning customer satisfaction is our top priority and that is the reason we are successfully providing the best mobile phone repairing service for the last 10 years.

What do we do?

No matter how severe the damage, our highly trained technicians can repair it. Our technicians keep themselves updated with the new technology, so it doesn’t matter if your device is too old or just newly launched, we know our work well at phone stop Strijen and repair shop.
Our business is active throughout the province of South Holland and we provide telephone and Tablet Repair services in the cities and towns of Strijen, Papendrecht, and Alblasserdam For the ease of the customers, we have this vast network just to be readily available for them. Wise telecom is the best iPhone repair shop in the Netherlands.

This is the era of technology and Samsung Repair Shop Strijen is serving at its best, and the use of gadgets is now more often, to maintain data and daily operations. At this time everyone wants the best possible service as everything related to business, work, and even studies. Our team Phone repair shop Strijen has also such quick service and the customers so that don’t have to face long term trouble.

Wise Telecom specializes in repairing all types of gadgets; updating old phones by installing new software; water damage; replacing broken screens with high-quality new screens; tablet repair; sim locks; buying and selling old and new phones; screen repair; availability of refurbished phones; computer issues; availability of new phones and availability of top quality mobile phone accessories. All these services are under the same roof. Isn’t this amazing?

What makes us unique from others?

Phone repair shop Strijen provides maintenance service in the shortest possible time frame at affordable prices. We don’t charge too much. No matter how difficult the repair is, our specialized team says no to the customer, and they will try to fix the issue at any cost even if we have to put some extra effort into it and our technicians take it as a challenge. This is the best repair shop in Strijen.

We give a 3-month warranty to the customers after repairing the product to build a sense of trust between the customers and the company. The team at Wise Telecom is experts in recovering the data, and we won’t let your data get wasted. We use premium-quality products and OEM repair parts and screen repair with replacing high-quality LCD screens with broken ones. Whatever the damage is, or even if the phone is broken, we claim that we provide premium products at the lowest possible cost.

Your phone with a normal sort may typically be repaired within an hour thanks to a high level of knowledge in the field of Apple, Samsung, and HTC smartphones and tablets. All resources that we hire are highly experts and professionals in their field they all identify the issue very shortly and your precious time got saved, This is due to the fact that we have 95% of all parts on hand and we don’t have to source from outside. We can also fix your Mac and PC.

Our core values

  • Provide value for the money
  • Satisfaction of customers
  • Keep the charges reasonable
  • Provide top-quality products and services
  • Develop a sense of trust
  • Continuous learning
  • Bring advancement
  • Transparency


Achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring safe and reliable products and services


We are determined to provide Customers best services in less price range so that people can easily afford

Our products and services

Mobile Repairing

phone repair shop in Strijen here we repair every kind of damage that occurs to your devices. We can fix all the issues related to the hardware and software of the device. We even change the whole software of your mobile and made it just like new for our honorable customers.

Sale and purchase of phones

We sell phones and other electronic devices, both new and old, and even refurbished too. And if you want to sell your old phones, we also purchase them from the customers, and we try to give them the best price we can offer.

Refurbished phone

Wise Telecom provides the best refurbished mobile phones in town. Every handset comes with a guarantee of 3 months in order to show our transparency and build trust in the customer’s mind. Our refurbished phones are no less than a brand-new, box-packed set.


We at Wise Telecom take care of all the needs of customers and wanted to facilitate our customers under one roof. We have all kinds of chargers, headphones, speakers, hand frees, air buds, Air Pods, Bluetooth, and whatnot.

Sim lock

Wise telecom provides the facility of a sim lock which gives the users an extra layer of protection and safeguard, and even if your phone got stolen still no one would be able to use your sim card which is registered under your name.

Free of charge examination

Our professionals provide free initial examinations regardless of whether a gadget has experienced a sudden accident or has fallen from a great height, and they give you all the options while taking your budget into consideration. Even after the test, it is not required to have Wise Telecom service. Nobody will compel you.

Brands we deal with in repairing

Samsung repair, iPhone repair, Huawei repair, Sony repair, Nokia repair, HTC repair, Motorola repair, MI repair, and all other local brands.

Customer care


Diensten & ervaring

Telefoon & Tablet Reparatie
Software Reparatie
Simlock Verwijderen